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The heart

Come in and get to know our medium-sized company directly from the heart of the German region of Baden. We as DIPRO® have the mission to make the fascinating nature of the Black Forest tangible for everyone and to preserve it for future generations. We are a manufacturer of high-quality, durable solid wood boards having the entire value chain in-house. Wood, our most important raw material, is sourced here for our regional production from local trees directly from the Black Forest. Our planks are characterised by high quality, individuality and regionality and give your living space a unique character.

Our values

Our values are the heart of DIPRO®. They describe what we stand for and what we base our daily actions on. At DIPRO®, we are aware of our great responsibility to protect the environment as the most important part of our production, to treat it with respect and to preserve it for future generations. Environmental awareness is deeply rooted in our company history and part of our attitude to life. We assume responsibility towards renewable raw materials, treating them respectfully. The high-quality products that we produce with great passion are the result of our total appreciation of nature and your limited resources.

Since nature is particularly important to us and is an essential part of our work, we attach great value to excellent quality. This starts with the selection of our woods and continues throughout the entire production process. Our demands should also be reflected in your rooms and increase your well-being. Your health is particularly important to us. We spend a large part of our lives indoors and want our floorboard products to contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, we refrain from any use of harmful substances during the entire production process.


The outstanding quality of our soils begins with the selection of the optimal trees for our sustainable production.


We make up our own minds about which trees to shortlist for our plank production.


The traditional solid wood planks convince with their natural style and are entirely made of the same wood.


The planks produced by DIPRO® come from sustainably managed forestry from the Black Forest.

How it all began

Our history

Yesterday is history –
Today is future

How it all began …
Since 1996, we have been producing high-quality DIPRO® solid wood floors in impressive dimensions. The following list shows you the most important milestones in our history that have made us the company that we are today.

  • 1996

    Foundation of the company Hütte, wood trade as a sideline by Oliver Hütte.

  • 1999

    Production of the first solid plank by the young entrepreneur Oliver Hütte.

  • 2005

    Foundation of DIPRO GbR, Hütte and Ficht in Achern, Germany.

  • 2006

    Purchase of the first vacuum dryer – can thus dry autonomously and up to a length of 18.5 m.

  • 2008

    Purchase of a new, computer-controlled planing line with which we can work with an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm .

  • 2009

    Acquisition of a briquetting plant.

  • 2011

    Relocation to a larger production facility.

  • 2013

    First own truck in the DIPRO® fleet (18-tonners)

  • 2014

    Safeguarding the site by purchasing the 20,000 sqm production facility.

  • 2016

    Purchase of a new chip extraction system with heat recovery and spark extinguishing system.

  • 2017

    First photovoltaic section (292 KWp) joins the grid.

    Purchase of a second vacuum dryer.

  • 2018

    Extension of the PV plant to approx. 640 KWp.

    Change of name from DIPRO GbR, Hütte and Ficht to DIPRO® GmbH, Germany

    Investment in own oil application machine

  • 2020

    Purchase of a larger truck (40-tonner).

    Foundation of the industrial park Maierhof GmbH & Co. KG.

    Change of shareholders – Peter Ficht leaves the GmbH and starts to take care of the buildings of the business park Gewerbepark Maierhof GmbH & Co. KG.

    His role will be taken by Martin Meier, Graduate Engineer (Dipl. Ing., FH).
    From now on, the owners and managing directors are Oliver Hütte and Martin Meier.

    DIPRO® expands by taking over a local timber company.

    Reconstruction of the complete production process.

    Application for a patent in the field of plank production – marketing of a new product is expected to start during 2021.

    DIPRO® GmbH emerges as its own brand and is given a new corporate identity. DIPRO® presents itself to the outside world with a high-quality website and business stationery.

  • 2021

    The most modern technology finds its way into our company. The existing briquette packaging was automated thanks to a KUKA robot. From now on, up to 5 tons of wood shavings are pressed into high-quality wood briquettes and packed fully automatically every day.

    Purchase of a fully automatic filling system. Here, the planks are tested for their oil surface quality after planing. The finest, natural cracks in the surface or in knots are located and treated fully automatically with our filler for further production.

    Commissioning of the fully automatic and air-conditioned wood warehouse, in which we can store up to 30,000 m2 of plank blanks computer-controlled and assign them to the orders.

    Purchase of a gluing press for the production of multi- and three-layer floorboards.

    Purchase of a thin-cutting gate, with which the multi- and three-layer floorboards can now be produced completely in-house.

  • 2022

    Extension of the gluing press for the production of multi- and three-layer planks to a length of 8.40 m.

    Expansion of the PV system to approx. 1100 KWp with an annual output of approx. one million KWh of electricity.

    Expansion of the vehicle fleet to a total of 3 electric cars, which are charged with their own solar energy by the intelligent control of the PV system.

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