• “DIPRO® planks have found their place
    all over the world.”

    Each project is unique

    Eiche Dielenboden

Delighting your senses –
our successfully completed projects.

A source of inspiration

Every project is unique. Each board is unique, with a unique wood grain and knottiness. A floorboard is a piece of nature in your living environment. Since projects are particularly close to our hearts and are an essential part of our work, we attach great importance to excellent quality.

Unique floorboards

Experience our floorboards in reality. The projects are as individual as the planks themselves – each of these floors was produced and installed to fit our customers’ furnishings and construction project. See for yourself how our planks blend perfectly into the premises with their natural charm, cosiness and dimensions.


Fischerbach, GEREco-houseOakOur oak planks flatter the ecological style of the house.
Fischerbach, GERArchitect villaOakOur oak planks give the villa a special and cosy touch.
Rheinau, GERInn in an old buildingOakThe complete oak floor gives the inn a special character.
Rheinau, GERFlat in an old buildingOakThe planks perfectly adapt to the rustic flat.
Offenburg, GERGarden outdoor areaOakLarge oak terrace planks that beautifully blend into the area.
Wien, AUTOld buildingDouglas firThe Douglas fir planks give the old building a unique character.
Berlin, GERArtist houseAshRoom-length planks of ash wood create a fantastic atmosphere.
Pforzheim, GERCommercialPine
Cambridge, UKFlatDouglas firThe valuable Douglas fir planks give the living space a noble appearance.
Horve, DKCommercialOakThe company received new oak planks
Weimar, GERCommercialSpruceOur spruce planks gave the Palazzo a new aesthetic look.
Ste Marie aux Mines, FRFlatAsh
Bremen, GERCommercialOak
Münsingen, CHEJoineryDouglas fir
Bann, GERSt. Valentine’s ChurchSpruceThe previous spruce floor was replaced by our chateau planks.
Gresenhorst, GERCommercialPineThe floor consists of very nice wide planks.
Titisee-Neustadt, GERFlatDouglas firThe new floor spreads a pleasant indoor climate.
Hoeilaart, BELFlatOak
Hünibach, CHEFlatAshVery beautiful, easy to clean and durable planks were installed.
Münster, GERCommercialSpruceThe room-length planks radiate natural vibes.
Grünewald, GERFlatPineThe installed pine floor radiates a lot of warmth.
Wolfganzten, FRFlatDouglas firThe planks radiate a special feel-good ambience.
Zeulenroda-Triebes, GERHoliday homeOakThe furnishings ideally match the installed planks.
Stuttgart, GERArchitect houseOakSpecial planks were installed for the special object.
Ottendorf, GERJoineryDouglas firThe room has a very high-end and quality appearance due to the floorboard.
Horn Bad Meinberg, GERFlatAsh
Dambach, FRFlatDouglas fir
Hamburg, GERCommercialOak
Düsseldorf, GERFlatOak