• In the sawmill, the cut decides everything.

    The beginning of a plank

Quality starts
with the right cut.

Cut by cut

In the sawmill, the selected logs are prepared for production and sawn into planks. Mit modernen Maschinen können die Rundhölzer komplett vermessen und so zugeschnitten werden, dass möglichst wenig Verschnitt entsteht.With modern machines, the round wood can be completely measured and cut to size so that as little waste as possible is created. Production residues can be collected and later reused for the production of high-quality briquettes.
Learn how the boards for your floorboard are created from a tree trunk and learn about the exciting steps of wood processing inside a sawmill.

All year round

Cutting wood

Because of our proximity to the Black Forest, we can react flexibly to orders and cut our wood as needed – regardless of the season. Even in winter, we can meet the special requirements of storage offering impeccable quality from our home mountains. This way, we can ensure that only as much wood is cut as we actually need. We see the prudent use of natural resources as our responsibility, and it is therefore of central importance to us.

Optimal ratio


The roller shown here transports the log to the gate at the right sawing speed. This allows optimum conditions for cutting and facilitates cutting even with strong wood.

Concerted cut

Wood cutting

Each tree trunk is measured electronically and cut to fit precisely according to length and diameter. First, the outer parts of the trunk are removed, then the individual wood cutting is done by exposing the heartwood. This process is crucial for the quality and dimensional stability of the wood and requires the highest precision.

Precision to the millimeter


The round wood is now turned into sawnwood. Suitable for the individual dimensions, the boards are cut so that there is as little waste as possible.

Ready for drying

Coarse planks

The coarse planks are sorted by width and thickness and prepared for subsequent processing in the drying chamber.

Top priority

Wood – a natural product,
that is essential for us.

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