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    One piece of wood becomes a solid wood floor

We focus on top quality
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of your boards.


Our work begins in the heart of the forest with the careful selection of suitable trees and ends with the precise installation of the finished boards. Our top priority is to ensure that this process, which is so closely linked to nature, is carried out gently and considering the environment. Our goal is to refine the naturalness of the forest to preserve it in a fantastic way for generations. Learn more about the conscientious path that our boards go through in the individual production steps here.

Extensive selection

Wood purchasing

Just a stone’s throw from our production facility is the Black Forest in the southwest of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The largest low mountain range in Germany offers natural landscapes with large forest areas and is a habitat for a wide variety of plants and animal species. From this beautiful, sunny region we obtain the wood as raw material for our plank production. Long before production, we extensively deal with the careful selection of suitable trees. We not only rely on our years of knowledge and experience, but also convince ourselves every year directly in the forest of the condition of the trees. We select these according to certain quality levels and decide which of the trees are shortlisted for our plank production.

Concerted cut

Wood cutting

In our factory, depending on the dimension and quality of the planks, we plan an individual wood cutting. This significantly influences the quality and dimensional stability of the wood.

Precise process


In the next step of production, the planks are carefully dried to the specified residual moisture over a period of 2 – 6 weeks in our own vacuum drying chambers.

Top quality


After drying, the DIPRO® planks are further processed in our in-house production facility. These are cut to the appropriate size and planed with modern machines. Defective planks are sorted out. Subsequently, the solid planks are sanded and, if desired, finished. Innovative processes are used to ensure extremely high quality.

To prevent loose knots from falling out during production, they are fixed during the manufacturing process. We do not replace the knothole with another piece of wood, but fix the original knots before further production steps. This eliminates the need for unsightly “patching” or drilling out and gluing of external knots.

Final touch


When finishing the surface, we use a variety of techniques to determine the visual appearance of your final floor. The methods we offer include pre-sanding, final sanding, brushing, hand planing, leaching, pre-oiling and final oiling of the floorboards.

Our planks are basically pre-sanded and can therefore be installed immediately. Thus, you have the possibility to perform further processing steps yourself as you wish.

Top priority

Wood – a natural product,
that is essential for us.

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