• Sustainability – our highest priority.

    Acting out from passion and conviction

Our corporate values
are deeply

We act responsibly

Wood is not only our passion, but also the source of our daily work. We exclusively source regional wood directly from our home region – the Black Forest. Knowing the exact origin of our wood is our top priority to ensure short transport routes and a transparent value chain. To preserve our beloved region and promote the regeneration of the natural habitat, our production is in our hands from the very beginning.

Our highest priority here is sustainability in the environmentally friendly and pollutant-free production of our unique planks. Along with this, respectful, considerate handling of our raw materials is essential. It is a matter close to our hearts to protect and preserve the unique habitat that the Black Forest offers us. We aim at making wood tangible across generations, thus directly inspiring people with the beauty of nature. We want to create an understanding for our environment with our natural products, and thus inspire people to act sustainably and considerately.

The deep connection with the Black Forest inspires our daily actions. We want to pass this inspiration on to you as well. Careful treatment of our forest is deeply rooted in our corporate values to ensure that we can continue to experience nature in its unique beauty in the future. We at DIPRO® are aware of our great responsibility to act sustainably and preserve nature to set an example for future generations. With far-sighted and at the same time considerate actions, we as DIPRO® want to contribute to environmental protection. Let’s protect our unique habitat together to preserve it for people and animals in the future.

Value chain & recycling

We pay attention to the responsible production of our boards – from wood purchasing to recycling of residues. We try to get the maximum out of every wood we use to avoid large waste. Any remaining residue and the smallest wood chips are compressed into high-quality briquettes using our RUF briquetting plant. When burned, this pressed wood emits only as much CO2 as a regrown tree can absorb through the process of photosynthesis – thus closing the cycle and creating our sustainable value chain.

Specially programmed gripper

Briquetting plant

Without additives

Recycling of production residues

High-quality compaction

Pure wood briquettes

Own energy

A photovoltaic system is installed on the roofs of our production facilities. This allows us to generate our own electricity by capturing sunlight from solar cells and converting it into electrical energy. We use the solar power generated from this for our electric vehicle fleet.

Sensible use of roof surfaces

Photovoltaic system

Green fleet

We can work with almost no CO2 emissions because our company car is powered by electricity from our own PV system, thus protecting the environment. 99 % of the time, we also use our e-forklifts in our production. urthermore, we obtain our wood from the immediate and regional environment – thus we have targeted and short transport routes from the forest to our production facility.

Own e-electricity






Harmful materials

All the materials we use for production are based on natural substances. Your health is particularly important to us. We spend a large part of our lives indoors and want our solid wood planks to contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, we refrain from any use of harmful substances during the entire production process.


Special filler

Sustainably managed forestry

We source the wood for our DIPRO® planks from sustainably managed forests in the Black Forest. Care is taken to maintain the preservation of the forest’s natural regenerative capacity. The Black Forest offers an unpolluted habitat not only for us as humans, but also for the animals and plants. This ensures the use of pollutant-free wood for our plank production.

Our home region

The black forest


Unspoilt trees

Regenerative capacity

Respect of nature

Environmental certificate

We participate in the dual system of the Green Dot and thus contribute to climate protection in various impact categories. The Green Dot annually prepares an environmental performance balance, confirmed by expert appraisers, for the ecological evaluation of recycling and recovery. In 2020, our measures saved as much CO2 as a forest area of 220 m² filters out of the air in one year.

Environmental certificate

Our 6 values

For environmental action.

Full control
of highest quality

Our production is in our hands from the very beginning. This involves a lot of responsibility. Our years of experience and precision run through the entire creation of our unique boards to guarantee the highest quality.

Nature in its

We transform wood into a commodity that inspires for generations and directly connects nature with people. Our planks should accompany you at every step of your life and remind you of the origin and authenticity of our existence.

Making passion
come alive

You should be able to feel the sensuality and naturalness of wood under your feet every day, contributing to your well-being. Our passion and lifeblood go into everything we do, from production to installation of your floor.

Home region
a place where you can feel save

Our family business has been deeply rooted in the Black Forest since the very beginning. The safety and tranquillity of the forest will be reflected in your home, providing balance and relaxation.

Transparency and reliability
at the highest level

At DIPRO®, a regular exchange with our customers is important to us. We are happy to advise you and look forward to sharing our fascination for the Black Forest with you. We are pleased to share our years of experience and our attention to detail with you.

of our DIPRO® planks

To ensure that you will enjoy your new floor for a long time, we will also advise you intensively from the very beginning on the subject of care and which surface treatment is best for you.

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