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Modern, tasteful, elegant, simple – your unique floorboard

Tied to their roots, durable and sustainable – these deeply rooted values not only distinguish us as DIPRO®, but are also reflected in our high-quality floorboards from your home region. The Black Forest is not only our beloved home region, but also the source for our unique solid wood planks, which we manufacture and install for you with our own hands and with the highest precision.

The extraordinary dimensions are the special feature of DIPRO® planks. We manufacture solid wood planks, chateau planks and country style planks in various lengths, widths and thicknesses. We produce room-length boards with a length of up to 18 meters and a width of up to 400 millimetres. This offers you maximum individuality in your building project.

At DIPRO®, you obtain your floorboard directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, we can design your new floor according to your wishes and also offer special types of wood. In addition to the two traditional woods Douglas fir and oak, ash, spruce and pine floorboards are also very popular. No matter which floor you ultimately choose, they not only bring a piece of the Black Forest and nature to your living space, but also give it a unique, fascinating atmosphere that invites you to feel good and relaxed. Discover the diversity of the Black Forest and versatile possibilities of our DIPRO® solid wood floorboards!

Douglasie Dielenboden elegant

Warm atmosphere

Douglas fir wood

Expressive & versatile

Oak wood

Esche Dielenboden

Natural charm

Ash wood

Nordic beauty

Spruce wood

Natural character

Pine wood

A personal unique piece for your home

DIPRO® floorboard

Special sizes

The special thing about DIPRO® floorboards is their size. As a manufacturer, we respond individually to the wishes of our customers. We can produce our floorboards in a wide range of dimensions – and with a length of up to 18 meters. This means that a DIPRO® floorboard is always 100 percent tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Installation methods

Depending on the room, different installation methods are offered, which make up the overall appearance. In addition to mixed lengths with balanced or irregular distribution, we offer special room-length installation methods – our supreme discipline. Here, the length is exactly matched to the room and is produced exclusively for your project.


Each type of wood has its individual character – so does the grain and texture of the wood. Whether natural, vivid, exciting or expressive – we manufacture your floorboard entirely according to your wishes. With our selection of product variants Premium, Select, Natural and Rustic, we offer the right product for every individual taste.


We not only pick out the most beautiful woods for your floorboard, but also get the most beautiful appearance out of the floorboards. With our sanded and brushed surface options, we can customize the floorboards to meet your individual needs. Velvety surfaces or natural wood grains – your floorboard is a unique one-of-a-kind.

Treatment & care

A real wooden floor is by nature very robust and resistant. However, with proper care and treatment, your floorboard will last for generations. With us, you will get the appropriate care products including relevant instructions. We will be happy to treat your floorboard with lye or oil after fine sanding for durability and visual effects.

Individual request

Every building project is individual – just like a floorboard from DIPRO®. From the very beginning, we are at your side and provide you with comprehensive advice. With our enquiry form, we can make you a free and individual offer, which is tailored to your building project. Tell us more about your project and send us your enquiry today.

What is special
about DIPRO® planks?


Domestic, natural, sustainable – DIPRO® boards bring a piece of the Black Forest to your home.


For the production of your individual floorboards, we search for only the best woods from the Black Forest.


Sustainability is one of the highest priorities at DIPRO® – we manufacture your floorboards in a production cycle that protects nature.


All production steps and the associated quality controls are carried out by our employees with the utmost care. This allows us to offer your floorboards in the highest processing quality and at fair prices.