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In 2021, we invested in a fully automated filling system that brings out the best in our planks. Knots and cracks in the surface of the wooden planks are automatically detected and filled with special filler. The machine supports our team in their daily work and enables a professional production process with flawless results. Learn more about how the machine works.

Provision of the planks

Conveyor belt

The planed planks are transported to the filling machine via a conveyor belt. Here, they are provided one after the other for the feed and automatically moved up. Spacers ensure safe handling without collisions of individual planks.

Automatic acceptance


The front plank is transported to the filling machine via the feeder. Depending on the length of the planks, it is also possible to process several planks at the same time. For a perfect result, all lengths and widths are supported by the system.

Surface check


An integrated scanner is used to check the surface quality of the planks. During this process, 3D images of the boards are created, and every little defect is detected. These are, for example, fine surface cracks or cracks in knots that have occurred naturally.

Hyper-accurate detection


Two applicators apply the filler simultaneously and independently of each other specifically to the areas to be worked on. The environmentally friendly filler is injected into the uneven area under high pressure, recreating a uniform surface. The quantity calculated by the scanner is applied accurately, no material is wasted.

This way, the original knots can be preserved as well as the naturalness and beauty of the planks.

Ready for further processing

Filled floorboards

The finished filled planks are collected on conveyor rollers, allowing the filling compound to dry. Then the boards can be further processed. After drying, the filler has the same properties in terms of hardness and absorption as wood. Even during sanding and planing, the mass does not crumble.

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