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    How a DIPRO® plank is produced

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decades of knowledge.

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The production of a wooden floorboard consists of many individual production steps, which all contribute to the fact that a piece of nature becomes a finished wooden plank. Whether solid wood plank, chateau plank or country style plank, we produce your floorboard in various lengths, widths and thicknesses for maximum individuality. From the selection of suitable trees to the installation of the finished floor covering, you will learn what we place special emphasis on and what important tasks the sawmill performs in the process. The finishing touch is provided by our employees who know their trade inside out and will individually refine your floorboard according to your wishes.

From the tree to the plank
Wood cutting
Memprechtshofen, Germany
Kots and cracks are fiilled

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Wood – a natural product,
that is essential for us.

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