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High quality,
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The heart of our entire plank production is our employees and their skilled craftsmanship. In our company, a piece of nature is lovingly transformed into a solid wood floor that will last for generations. Therefore, we only use products free of harmful substances with natural ingredients.
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Measuring precisely


For proper installation, the exact dimensions are crucial. This is ensured by state-of-the-art technologies that measure precisely to the millimetre. For a unique flooring experience, we conscientiously inspect our planks to avoid any discrepancies.

Tight fit

Tongue and groove

Our planks are made all around with an accurately fitting tongue and groove joint. The processing is done with our modern woodworking machines. This ensures convenient installation. Only our room-length boards have longitudinal tongue and groove, as they are not necessary for installation.

So-called relief grooves are milled into the underside of the wooden planks, which reduce the natural stresses in the wood and provide a smoother fit.
On request, our boards can also be manufactured without e-grooves, for example for installation on a visible false ceiling.

Lifelike appearance

Filling &
knot fixation

After planing, our solid wood planks are tested for their surface quality. The finest, natural surface cracks or even cracks in knots are closed with special filler material. It may happen with softwoods that individual knots are naturally loose. These knots are often drilled out and then replaced with an external wood. Not in our case. We glue each loose knot with natural white glue before further production steps. The advantage of the DIPRO process: We preserve the original knots and thus the naturalness and beauty of the planks.

Only natural water-based products are used.

Ideal surface


For the final special touch, the planks are prepared for their respective surface treatment. With a delicate feeling, the surface of the plank is brought to an even image and unevenness is eliminated.

Perfect condition

Quality check

Our planks are checked again for their quality and condition after each processing step. This way, we can guarantee high-class products.

Top priority

Wood – a natural product,
that is essential for us.

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