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    Douglasie Dielenboden elegant von DiPro
Douglasie Dielenboden elegant

Douglas fir wood

The Douglas fir comes from the pine family and can now also be found in the Black Forest. The solid planks of the tree, originally from North America, have a light, slightly reddish colouration, which, in combination with a perfectly matched surface treatment, will immerse your room in a sensually warm light. Solid Douglas fir wooden planks are inherently stable, resistant and particularly easy to maintain. Even after decades, repeated sanding of all DIPRO® floorboards is easily possible.

In this way, the surface structure or colour scheme of your planks can be changed in the blink of an eye. Learn more about Douglas fir planks and the options we as a manufacturer can offer you for your new floorboard.

Your Douglas fir floorboard is available in the following dimensions:

Plank width, plank thickness (in mm)

  • 200 mm, 20 – 28 mm
  • 250 mm, 20 – 28 mm
  • 300 mm, 24 – 28 mm
  • 350 mm, 28 – 35 mm
  • 400 mm, 35 mm
  • mixed (200, 250, 300 mm), 24 – 28 mm

Plank lengths

  • mixed lengths up to 5 meters
  • if desired, up to 18 meters
Douglasie Dielenboden elegant


The Douglas fir planks in the “PREMIUM” product variant offer a harmonious overall appearance due to their low number of knots. Their natural elegance and calm wood appearance reaffirm their excellent quality.


The Douglas fir planks “SELECT” are characterised by a unique combination of isolated knotted inclusions and an even wood grain. They are found in nature and make the floorboard look sleek and modern.


The Douglas fir planks “NATURE/RUSTIC” have a vivid structure and create an exciting visual impression due to their numerous knotted inclusions.

Mixed lengths

A floorboard with varying lengths is a plank of different dimensions. We pay particular attention to a balanced distribution of the respective lengths. We put together each order individually for you – tailored to your needs. Fixed lengths

Fixed lengths

Planks with a fixed length have an equal length. When installing planks with fixed lengths, it is possible to install them both regularly and irregularly, depending on your wishes.

Room lengths

Our room-length planks are produced exclusively for your project and have the exact same length of your room. This installation method is our supreme discipline.

The wooden planks of Douglas fir can be installed not only with their natural look, but also shine in a variety of surface structures and colours. Our goal is to give your living space its own character, individually adapted to your personal interior style.

DIPRO® planks “sanded”

Sanded floor planks have an evenly smooth and velvety surface. The knots and natural cracks in the planks remain discreetly in the background. You can decide whether it should be pre-sanded or triple-sanded in the factory.

DIPRO® planks “brushed”

Brushed wooden planks have a unique surface character through various treatment processes. The choice is yours – do you like your real wood plank with a stronger or weaker wood grain? Either way, this leaves you with a natural surface texture.

Douglasie Dielenboden elegant

Whether screws or glue for installation, lye or oil for the surface, care set for maintenance – we have the right accessories for all applications. Please feel free to contact us!

Douglasie Dielenboden elegant

Contact us today to get a quote for your new floorboard, or work with us to find the perfect floor for your home.

Douglasie Dielenboden elegant

Reference Examples

Douglasie Dielenboden im Altbau

Old building Vienna

Douglas Fir Floorboard
Douglasie Dielenboden modern

Flat in an old building-Rheinau

Douglas Fir Floorboard
Douglasie Dielenboden elegant

Inn in an old building Rheinau

Douglas Fir Floorboard

What is special
about DIPRO® planks?


Domestic, natural, sustainable – DIPRO® boards bring a piece of the Black Forest to your home.


For the production of your individual floorboards, we search for only the best woods from the Black Forest.


Sustainability is one of the highest priorities at DIPRO® – we manufacture your floorboards in a production cycle that protects nature.


All production steps and the associated quality controls are carried out by our employees with the utmost care. This allows us to offer your floorboards in the highest processing quality and at fair prices.

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